martedì 7 febbraio 2012


Dal sito un'idea geniale per far divertire i più piccoli ICE ART #2: BALLOON ICE ART WISHING YOU WEEKEND OF FUN! The cold has hit Stockholm. Neighbors have been filing by our house all day, pulling one or two sleds and with their ice skates slung over their shoulders; ready to hit our neighborhood rink and hill. I would love to share a super, cool, ice art project my son came up with this week. Tonight, imagine: these lit up our walkway! You could, too. See below for How-to-Instructions.
These would work very well as compliments to the typical Swedish, snowball, pyramid lanterns, don't you think? These remind me of Swedish crystal! Note: These are a super way to keep kids busy in the garden, give them a sense of experimentation and that they're creating something new and unique (which they are!); plus, super plus: fantastic party decorations for you. You'll need just three ingredients to start: 1) below freezing temperatures, 2) balloons, and 3) water. The process is very simple and, if you have very young children, adult assistance will be needed for filling the balloon, tying the balloon and later, starting the balloon removal process. ICE ART #2 -- HOW TO MAKE BALLOON ICE ART
1) You need below freezing temperatures 2) balloons and 3) watering can (or outdoor water nozzle) with water. 4) Fill balloons with water. 5) Once the ice has frozen solid,* clip off the top of the balloon and peel away the remaining balloon. 6) Enjoy! These are absolutely magical! * Note: If you would like to do the candle-holder variations, keep your balloons filled similarly and don't let them freeze 100%. When they are all but frozen (80%) you will break the balloon, peel it off, on the soft side, which will still be unfrozen. By doing this, you will keep it from sealing and will have the shell necessary for the candle holder. But, It's worth experimenting and filling balloons unevenly, as well. It's super cool for the kids to see their variations. We added these "ice sculptures," which weren't hollow, to our candle walk on our walk-way and it looks like an enchanted ice-sculpture park.